Rat Pest Control Joondalup

Joondalup Rat & Mouse Pests

Get rid of Mice & Rats today! Call Joondalup Rat Pest Control and we will get rid of rodents quickly & safely.

Commercial Rodent Pest Experts

Rat & Mouse Extermination inside & outside your Joondalup office or business.

Best Rodent Baits

The World’s best bait ensures we will get rid of any rat & mice bothering you in Joondalup.

Full Rodent Pest Warranty 

Three Month Warranty on mice & rats inside your roof and home.

Joondalup RAt PEst Control 

Joondalup based & experienced in all facets of rat pest control in Joondalup’s northern suburbs.


TAmper Proof RAt BAit Stations

Our locked, tamper proof rat bait station get rid of rats & mice safely, discreetly & quickly. Receive one Free with every Joondalup Rat Pest Control Treatment. 


Eliminate Rats & Mice only 

Rat Pest Control Joondalup always uses Bait contains “Bittrex” taste deterrent. Rats & Mice do not taste the bitterness and “Bittrex” prevents Animals & Children from consuming rodent bait.

Dead Rat Removal 

Rat Pest Control Joondalup can also locate and remove rat & mice carcasses where possible. Full Rat Disinfection & Deodorise treatments available also.

Online Booking Portal 

Rat Pest Control Joondalup’s pest booking system measn you can book your rodent pest treatment anytime. Simply pick a day that suits you and Rat Pest Control Joondalup will take care of it all. 

Rat PEst Control Joondalup

With over 15 years experience getting rid of rat & mouse problems in Joondalup, you can rely on Rat Pest Control Joondalup to help you. We know all the spots mice & rats live, hide & breed. One rat mother can lead to 250 more rats by the end of the year!


Dont Wait!

book online.

Best rated Pest Control in Joondalup!

Rodent Specials

MOre INfo on Joondalup Black RAts, Brown Rats & Mice 


$165 Joondalup Rat Pest Special 

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Joondalup Pest Specials Always available!

Rat Pest Control Joondalup, Perth & Joondalup pest management professionals. Let us take care of all your pest & vermin safely, efficiently & with a full warranty. 

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